Why take an UIAGM High Mountain Guide?

The high mountain guide is an emotional guide

On paper, a UIAGM high mountain guide is assimilated to a sports teacher according to INSEE. This definition is clearly limiting! I prefer the notion of Emotional passageway. By wanting to project yourself up there, you expose yourself and you are clearly trying to get a good look at yourself, to experience rich emotions.

Hiring a guide is to make sure that you travel safely up and down the mountain. It is his job and his passion, he criss-crosses all year round the different massifs of the planet and his experience is essential to take you up there.

Why take a high mountain guide? 7

The high mountain guide and his client build

a full-fledged human relationship: the rope

Why take a high mountain guide? 8

Hiring a high mountain guide is also about seeking a warm contact with this hostile environment that is sometimes the high mountains. The guide and his client build a fully-fledged human relationship: the roped party! The moments shared up there are sometimes trying and you leave your "comfort zone". The human being then reveals himself completely, a relationship of trust is established, which definitively binds the guide-client rope. Moreover, beyond 2000m of altitude, it is the custom to be on first-name terms.

Going there under professional supervision is a

pledge of safety and comfort

"Going to the mountains is too risky": the mountains, especially the high mountains, are obviously an environment with many dangers.

Going alone without any experience is unconscious.

Going there under the supervision of a professional is a guarantee of safety and comfort.

Why take a high mountain guide? 9

Your mountain guide will also guide you

upstream on the choice of destination

And this whatever your level:
- you start: the guide will introduce you to this playground.
- you are already practicing: the mountain guide will be able to take you to races in which you don't feel like going alone. The guide will also be able to train you, with a view to progress.
- you are a fervent practitioner: which mythical races (in summer and winter) don't make you dream: Arête des Grands Montets to the Aiguille Verte, Charmoz Grépon crossing, Cordier pillar? So mythical that just mentioning their names gives you shivers. Let yourself be guided!

In any case, your emotions passer will guide you on the field but also, upstream, on the choice of the destination. This is also the added value of the high mountain guide: he knows many places, not to say real little nuggets, and he will be able to suggest itineraries that correspond to what you are looking for: "To each his own Everest". Let yourself be guided according to your desires.

In fact, I designed this ideas box to offer you what's best for you.

The guide knows a lot of places,

not to say real little nuggets.

Hiring a high mountain guide is finally discovering an environment by receiving lots of explanations about the world around you, crisp anecdotes, stories about the history of the mountain and its conquerors of the useless. So many stories that will immerse you in this unique environment for good.

Hiring a guide also means getting advice from a pro for the choice of your equipment: if you hesitate, I will be able to guide you through the plethoric choice of equipment available to you. Using / sanding the equipment throughout the year, who better than a guide can advise you on the equipment.

He'll be able to give you the itineraries
that correspond to what you're looking for...

Choose your adventure!

The ideas box of the guide

Your desires?

Night life
State of mind

Your abilities?


Some ideas

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