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In 2 words

It's easy today to take pictures and videos with your smartphone. However, who will sort the photos, post-process them? A priori, many people are missing at that time.

Equipped with a real camera (see below), your emotions passer is also a great lover of photography. With me, you're sure to be in the box (I'm the one taking the pictures). On the other hand, the light conditions being quite special, taking beautiful pictures up there is not easy. So you have to post-process them to get nice pictures. This famous post-processing is also a great way to sort the pictures and keep only a reasonable amount: the pictures will then be there to tell the story you lived.

Aiguille du Midi at sunset - Mont Blanc
The beauty, rock climbing in trad - Wadi Rum - Jordan

Video photo equipment


  • The objectives:

- All-rounder: Leica 12-60mm, f2.8-4.0, very bright telephoto lens, stabilized, wide zoom range
- Ultra wide angle: Olympus 9-19mm f4.0-5.6, ultra wide angle for close-up shots in high mountains, to have the main subject but also the environment around
him - Fixed focus: Panasonic 20mm f1.7. For low-light shots and portraits
- Telephoto: Panasonic 45-150mm f4.0-5.6, for distant shots or to create depth of field

Photos are taken in RAW format and then systematically reworked on Adobe Lightroom software. They will then be sent to you via the Flickr interface (in JPEG format). You can then view them directly, download them or share the link with your friends and family.


The Panasonic G9 camera allows you to shoot up to 60 frames/sec in 4K. In HD, it can mount up to 180 frames/sec!
Aerial shots are taken with a DJI Mavic Pro drone that can also be shot in 4K (subject to the possibility of flying in the area).

For sound, simple but effective remote microphone Rode VideoMicro.

For onboard shots, it will be with the latest GoPro 8, with exceptional image stabilization.

Picture excerpts

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